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"I have used the services of Bay Area Real Estate & Rentals for over twelve years.   During this time they have efficiently managed eight properties I own in Tampa.  They have also located properties at a reasonable price which I have had them manage.

The owner of this company, Mr. John Simone, is not only an outstanding property manager but he is among the most ethical and trustworthy individuals I have known.  This also applies to his carefully selected staff.  It is no accident that he was chosen to head the ethics committee for the organization of property managers in our area.   It is because of him I have purchased an additional four rental properties in only the last few months.

Bay Area Real Estate & Rental does an excellent job of identifying and screening potential tenants.   This has resulted in very promptly renting our properties (the last three were rented in less than a week).   I have never had a single tenant default on rent or fail to pay damages to the units I own under Mr. Simone's management.   Every month a detailed accounting statement is sent to all owners in which copies of all bills are attached.   Whenever a problem with the properties arise they quickly correct it at a very reasonable cost as they have access to a wide range of companies that competently do repair services in our area.

In short, whether it is buying, selling or renting real estate I would consider no other company other than Bay Area Real Estate & Rental based on my own experience."

- Dr. Douglas Gwynn

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